December 12, 2019

P+365 Creates Wearable Merch from Festival Tents


 As a sustainable brand we support other brands that have sustainable missions. There are so many brands that are coming up with unique and innovative ways to create sustainable products. We've seen everything from shoes made from recycled plastic to biodegradable cups made from orange peels.  Today we're here to show you the P+365 project created by Tuo Lei. Tuo's P+365 is a streetwear collection made from recycled festival tents.  The collection comes with bags, a poncho raincoat, a bucket hat and cap.  What is interesting about this collection is that it is entirely weather resistant since it is made from tents that were made to withstand weather conditions at festivals.  Tuo gets the used tents from volunteer organizations and even gets volunteers from social media to help assemble the collection.  The collection also comes with a DIY booklet with instructions on how to assemble the pieces. The 365 in the project's name comes from the fact that the pieces will be sold a year after the music festivals occurred (from which the tents were collected); the making of the garments is a year-long process. Tuo plans to continue to repurpose festival tents and even collaborate with festivals in the future to be able to sell directly to festival-goers.  Check out some pics of the pieces below!