September 24, 2018

Nike Stock Increases $6 Billion Following Kaepernick Campaign

im with kap jersey


 It's been less than a month since Nike revealed that they were making Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th Anniversary "Just Do It" campaign and the Nike stock has already increased.  At first, Nike experienced a dip due to some backlash, but it was immediately followed by some overwhelming support from Kaepernick and Nike supporters.  People bought Nike products in droves, and the pre-sale for the Nike Kaepernick "I'm With Kap" Jerseys sold out almost immediately.  After experiencing an approximate $4 million dip following the announcement, Nike stock eventually rose by $6 billion in the month of September.  What seemed like a risky marketing decision on Nike's part turned out to be a great move for them.  Stay tuned as more Nike and Kaepernick merchandise is sure to be released in the coming year.