October 16, 2017

Nike FlyLeather: A New Sustainable Material


 Nike has experimented with different materials for sneakers in the past, and perhaps the most popular has been the Flyknit material.  Recently however, Nike has tried out a new type of leather that they claim to be more sustainable; FlyLeather.  Nike claims that this new material "reclaims leather otherwise lost in the manufacturing process to create a material that’s 40% lighter and 5x more abrasion resistant than full grain leather. The process reduces water used by 90% with an 80% smaller carbon footprint vs. traditional leather manufacturing."  With a focus on creating a smaller carbon footprint as well as making a high performance shoe, it seems as if Nike has really put their design team to work.  Check out their first shoe that is created with this material below!  We hope that Nike continues to focus on sustainable materials and practices in the future!