August 07, 2018

Nike Converted an Antique Church into a Basketball Facility

nike church exercise room


 The art of repurposing or renovating is a true art indeed. Nike recently decided to makeover The Church of the Epiphany in Chicago which dates all the way back to 1885.  They turned the antique church into a state of the art basketball facility.  Although the facility has a modern feel with lockers and an integrated weight-room, it still has an antique church vibe to it as it has stained glass windows and markings on the floor.  The new Chicago Just Do It Headquarters will be used to help further develop the cities up and coming basketball talent. Former Bulls star Scottie Pippen has already stopped by to give the facility a visit. Check out some images of the Nike facility below. Ball is life!


nike stained glass window

nike locker room church

nike church court

nike basketball church