May 09, 2017

NIA | Eco-Friendly Knitwear for an Unpredictable Life


 Merica Kahn is the designer and owner of NIA, a brand that makes "eco-friendly knitwear for an unpredictable life"  As Merica started working in the fashion industry she started learning more about the environmental effects of textiles and wanted to create a purpose-driven brand.  She decided to use Merino Wool which is eco-friendly and low impact on the environment.  In addition the fabric is breathable, comfortable and durable.  The garments are seamless and are perfect for a day out in the city or even lounging around. The ethically made clothing line is made right in Brooklyn, NY and is maintaining a very transparent process. There are only 5 days left for you to take advantage of the kickstarter deals that NIA is offering, so check out the video below and head over to the kickstarter campaign HERE.