January 14, 2017

Next Up: Dougie V



 Douglas a 25 year old rapper from Fort Worth, Texas goes by the stage name of Dougie V. Dougie started his music career at the age of 16 when he dropped out of school to support his new family. Dougie started working in sales going door to door, while also working diligently to write and record music. The dedicated father of three has spent the past 9 year balancing family and putting out southern bangers.

With a lot independent artist trying to make in big in the industry, Dougie is truly “Cut From A Different Cloth” because of his unique sound and huge vision. If you guys would like to learn more about Dougie V and his movement #LowerClass make sure to connect with him on social media. Also make sure to check out Dougie’s newest singles and follow him on soundcloud for the new tracks he’s uploading each week.

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