August 13, 2018

New Zealand to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

plastic bag coast


 On Friday, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced that over the next year, in efforts to protect marine life and reduce pollution, the country will ban single-use plastic bags.  This is obviously a huge decision that will directly affect coastal and marine life in New Zealand.  This year, around 65,000 people in New Zealand signed a petition for a ban on the hundreds of millions of plastic bags that are used in the country yearly.  Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage has said, 

"New Zealanders are proud of our country's clean, green reputation and we want to help ensure we live up to it. Phasing out single-use plastic bags helps do that," Although around the world, some small areas and states have banned plastic bags, New Zealand is definitely a fore-runner in this movement now and we hope that other countries around the world follow suit. 


plastic bag iceberg