November 07, 2018

NASA Releases First 8K Video Footage from Space

 8k video from space


 At first glance of the headline, you may be thinking "I didn't even know 8K video exists".  Many people are only aware of 4K quality video, but 8K does in fact exist.  A screen capable of displaying 8K is required to get the full effect of 8K footage, which most computers don't have. Furthermore, there aren't many cameras out there that can shoot in 8K.  Despite it being a new and rare, NASA (being progressive as they always are) decided to shoot some footage in the super high-resolution format.  Although you may not be able to watch in 8K, you can still watch in HD or 4K and see the super high-quality footage captured by NASA.  The footage itself is an inside look into the International Space Station.  In addition, there are some shots taken of the exterior of the station and of our big blue planet.  Check out the first 8K video from space below!