June 21, 2017

Mind-blowing Mixed Reality Demonstration



 In case you didn't know, Virtual Reality is a huge thing now. Cell phone companies and video game developers are exploring the world of virtual reality and trying new ways to innovate the technology.  Usually when thinking of VR, you may think of a bulky headset that goes over your eyes; well Theoriz is breaking that boundary.  They are experimenting with mixed reality technology that allows a person to interact virtually with the environment.  It's kind of difficult to put in words exactly what Theoriz does, but they describe themselves as follows. "We are a multi-awarded studio gathering a team of professional engineers, visual artists and creative developers. We combine scientific and artistic research to create beautiful and creative experiences.  From virtual reality to videomapping to robotics, we love challenging projects and are here to advise you how to design a meaningful experience to tell your story." 

From that description, "beautiful and creative experiences" stands out most and if you watch the demonstration below that they put on, its easy to tell that they are accomplishing that.  Check out some of the awesome footage below and stay tuned for more content from Theoriz in the future.