August 06, 2018

Meet the Epic Voice Behind Movie Trailers

 redd pepper


 The job of a movie trailer is to get you excited about an upcoming film in a short period of time.  Some trailers take the straightforward approach and give you glimpses of the best scenes from the movie. Others take the minimal approach and show as little as possible. Some movie trailers, especially action, include a powerful voice-over for amplification; we all know what that deep and powerful voice sounds like in our head. Although voice-overs may seem like a dying art, many movie trailers still use them.  The "Great Big Story" channel on Youtube covers Redd Pepper, the most famous movie trailer voices of all time.  He's done over 100 movie trailers, such as "Space Jam" "Jurassic Park" and "Blair Witch Project".  Watch below to see how he went from train announcer to a big time voice for tons of movie trailers.