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McDonald's Creates McHives to Raise Awareness of Decreasing Bee Popula

29 May, 2019

McDonald's Creates McHives to Raise Awareness of Decreasing Bee Population

 mcdonalds mchive


 Mini McDonald's are popping up in Sweden.  These McDonald's aren't serving burgers to humans though, these tiny McDonalds are beehives for bees.  The "McHives" look just like miniature versions of the fast-food restaurants but inside is a bee-hive.  The McHives began when one McDonalds Franchise owner, Christina Richter, decided to put a small beehive on the roof of the restaurant.  Since then 5 more franchises have added McHives with the help of creative agency NORD DDB and McDonald's sustainability office in Sweden.  The small McHives are not only impressive to look at but are also a great initiative to raise awareness about the dwindling bee population around the world. Check out the video below to see the McHive up close and personal. 




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