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Matt Narks- Black & White (Deluxe Album)

25 Oct, 2018

Matt Narks- Black & White (Deluxe Album)

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 In a racially divided country, Matt Narks gives a snapshot of his life as a musician and biracial man in America. This Deluxe version is an updated version of the Black & White album which was originally released in 2016, 2 months after Philando Castile was murdered in front of his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter.

As Matt Narks prepares to release his upcoming album "Spectrum" he decided to re-release "Black & White" [2016] on major streaming platforms as it was only available on SoundCloud previously. The project is mainly produced by The LX, with some production from eROC, Ryan Pryme, and Matt Narks himself.  Stream Black & White HERE, and stay tuned for his upcoming album Spectrum which will also be releasing on major streaming platforms! 

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