November 11, 2016

Machine Solves Rubiks Cube in .637 Seconds


 There are a lot of very talented humans out there that can solve the legendary Rubik's cube in a matter of seconds.  But what is seconds to a computer or a machine?  The Sub1 robot made by infeneon chips proves that seconds mean nothing to a machine.  It just broke the world record for the fastest time solving the rubiks cube, clocking in at .637 seconds.  This just shows how advanced computers can be programmed; but does this mean that we are getting very smart or are machines outsmarting us.  I guess its a catch 22.  Either way, check out the footage below of Sub1 solving it as well as the fastest time a human has solved it.  There really isn't any comparison.


I guess freestyling while solving a rubiks cube is pretty impressive... Shoutout to Logic.