April 17, 2018

LUNAVITY: A Backpack for Jump Augmentation



 The feeling of walking on the moon has not been experienced by many, but it is definitely something that would be cool to try.  With "Lunavity" this could soon be a possibility.  Lunavity is a backpack that is designed for human jump augmentation. The company that creates it describes it as follows: "Lunavity is a system designed to augment the human capability of jumping. An attachable multi-rotor elevates the user during the movement, enabling them to leap higher and further. In the future, where drones are widely used for delivery and/or transportation, it can be applied to augment our mobility temporarily."  A device like this could mean a lot of new changes in areas such as street-crossing, wheelchairs, and moon exploration.  Check out the video below to get an inside look on Lunavity!