April 29, 2019

London Marathon Replaced Plastic Bottles with Edible Water Pods

 ooho edible water london marathon seaweed


 A little over a year ago, we posted about an edible water blob that was invented to replace plastic bottles; the concept was genius.  A biodegradable water pod was the perfect idea to help solve the plastic pollution problem. Each year, 38 million plastic bottles go to landfills in America alone, and since it takes 400-1,000 years for a plastic bottle to decompose, this is a huge problem.  Luckily, the edible seaweed water pods made by Ooho are starting to gain some traction.  The London Marathon took a firm stance against plastic waste and rolled out the pods at its largest quantities yet.  Volunteers handed out more than 30,000 pods, effectively saving thousands of plastic bottles from being wasted. We hope that all marathons start to consider using more sustainable options such as these water pods in the future!