July 12, 2017

Letter Desk: Foldable Cardboard Desk for Children in Developing Nations



 South Korean designer HaYoung Lee noticed a problem that young students in developing nations were experiencing and decided he wanted to help fix it.  Many kids don't have access to a desk or writing surface; he found that many of these young students were crouched on the floor in awkward positions trying to do homework.  Not only does this affect posture and comfortability but it also affects their creativity and productivity.  He designed the "Letter Desk", a foldable cardboard desk.  The Letter Desk can be carried like a briefcase when folded but when opened is a sturdy work surface for students. It is compact, low-cost, and recyclable.  This simple yet revolutionary design will hopefully change the way kids in developing nations do work in a great way.  Check it out below! 

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