August 26, 2019

KFC to Test Out Plant-Based Fried Chicken

kfc beyond fried chicken
 If you've been on social media this past week its been hard to ignore the hype surrounding Popeye's new Chicken Sandwich.  Meme's and viral videos have been circulating everywhere and the sandwich is being hailed by many as the best chicken sandwich out, taking Chick-fil-a's chicken sandwich crown.  KFC however has been pretty quiet in the chicken sandwich debate, but they have just announced that they are trying out Beyond Fried Chicken (a plant-based fried chicken.  The fake meat trend has been increasing and a few other fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Carl's Jr, and White Castle have all tried out plant-based burgers.  KFC will be sampling the Beyond Fried Chicken at one Atlanta KFC store for one day.  They will use the feedback from customers to decide if they should continue testing out the chicken and roll it out nationally.  This should be interesting to see, as no major chicken restaurant has ever rolled out plant-based fried chicken before.  As Popeye's continues to push their Fried Chicken sandwich, KFC is taking a new, healthier and more sustainable direction.  Stay tuned to see if this will be an item that KFC adds to the menu permanently!