June 09, 2018

Ketchup vs Mustard Rap Battle

 ketchup mustard rap battle dizaster


 Yes you've read the title correctly, two of the sauciest contenders Ketchup and Mustard had a rap battle.  The animated production was put together by rap battler Illmac and features Dizaster as Ketchup, Lush One as Baking Soda and Illmac himself as Mustard.  The pilot episode of "RapOff" hit youtube last week and its already been doing great numbers.  The battle is clever, entertaining, and actually has some pretty impressive bars.  We hope Illmac decides to continue doing this animated battle series.  Check out the pilot episode below and decide for yourself who won, Ketchup or Mustard.


"Free my man butta doing life in a box"