March 24, 2017

Kendrick Lamar Releases New Single "The Heart Pt. 4"


  Despite his occasional features on random songs, Kendrick Lamar has been pretty much missing in action since his last project.  Coincidentally, shortly after Drake releases his new album "More Life", K.Dot drops a monster record entitled "The Heart Pt. 4".  The record is a 2 part song that escalates on the second half.  A very aggressive Kendrick name drops Donald Trump and seemingly disses a few rappers that shall remain nameless (though some people are speculating it's Big Sean and Drake).  Kendrick also claims that he's the best rapper alive, which is a claim that many rappers may think, but rarely flat out state it on a track.  You have to respect Kendrick's forwardness and course his insane lyrical ability. Check out the song below.