November 08, 2017

Kanye West Reportedly Launching 'Yeezy Sound' Streaming Service


 Over the past few decades we've seen the whole music game change. From vinyl to cassettes to CD's.  We then saw physical mediums slowly fade away and give birth to an era of digital music.  Services like iTunes and Amazon (along with illegal sites) allowed users to download songs digitally and play them directly from their computers and MP3 players. And finally, the era we are in now is the streaming era.  Users can stream songs without even downloading them.  Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music are dominating the game now, but it seems someone else wants to get in on the fun, Kanye West.  Kanye is famously known for expanding his talents beyond rapping and this would be a huge venture for him.  Reports have shown that Kanye recently put in a trademark for a streaming service "Yeezy Sound".  If it goes through this could potentially be big news in the music industry because of Kanye's influence and reach.  Time will tell if "Yeezy Sound" will come to life!