September 22, 2018

Kanye Shares 3D Holographic 'Yandhi' Cover

 yandhi cover 2018


 Kanye West has recently announced that he will be dropping a new album entitled "Yandhi" in a week on September 29, 2018. The album title itself is the name Gandhi with the first letter replaced with a Y.  Although there are not many details out yet about the album or who will be on it, he's been pretty active on social media lately.  Besides recently addressing some things that weren't sitting well with him concerning Drake, Nick Cannon, and Tyson Beckford, he's been pushing his Yeezy brand and the album.  Yesterday, he took to Instagram to post a video of a 3D holographic version of the Yandhi cover.  The album cover, which is an image of a mini disk, is seen floating above an iPhone while slowing spinning.  It is unclear what this means for the album or if its just something cool he decided to do, but we will see in 7 days.  Check out the cool footage below!