July 06, 2016

Joe Budden - Wake [Drake Diss]


 Joe Budden is not going anywhere anytime soon.  If you thought he was going to drop his one diss song to Drake and dissapear, think again.  Joey is back at it with a song entitled Wake.  This song has some heavy hitting bars coming after the golden child himself. This whole "beef" stemmed from Joe Budden giving Drake's album Views a bad review on his infamous I'll Name This Podcast Later show.  Following that, Drake supposedly took some subliminal shots at Joe Budden in the song, 4PM in Calabasas.  Joe Budden wasn't having it and now hear we are, 2 diss songs deep and no response from Drake.  Will he respond? Only time will tell, in the meantime check out the heavy hitting song from Joe Budden below.