July 19, 2017

Jay Leno Drives a Car Made of Hemp


 Over a year ago we posted about Bruce Dietzen and his Cannabis Car.  Although his car didn't make a huge amount of noise in the news, we felt it was something that everybody should know about.  Hemp is such a versatile plant and has so many uses, however people mistake it with marijuana and give it a negative stigma.  Hemp is not psychoactive, but in turn is grown for its strong fibers. In fact, the woven hemp used to make Bruce's car is extremely durable.  Jay Leno himself gives the car the old fashion "bang on the hood" test and also drives it around on his show "Jay Leno's Garage".  I hope that this impressive car continues to get coverage so that the world can see how versatile and sustainable the hemp plant is!  Check out the short clip below!