December 13, 2016

Is 'Zeoform' the Future of Biodegradable Plastic?


 We all know the dangers and risks associated with plastics and plastic waste, and slowly but surely things are beginning to change.  Big companies are being more open to using biodegradable packaging, laws are being put in place to ban plastic bags in certain places, and the general public awareness about plastic waste is at an all time high.  Now, the next step is finding better materials to replace harmful plastics.  One proposed material, called "Zeoform", could very well be that biodegradable material we need.  Zeoform is a non-toxic and biodegradable plastic made simply from cellulose fibres and water. Check out Zeoform at a glance, taken from their website, to learn some quick facts about the company:

An Australian-based company launching a new global industry.
• An industrial strength moulding material made of cellulose fibres and water.
• Made from cellulose by-products including hemp, agricultural bio-mass, recycled or discarded (de-inked) paper, cotton, rice, jute, cane, wood, bamboo and any other clean cellulose feedstock.
• Produces commercial / industrial grade material ranging from styrofoam-light to ebony-dense.
• Can be combined with dyes, minerals, substrates, sand, cement, carbon, kevlar and other elements to enhance colour, strength, flex, resilience, conductivity, waterproofing and other qualities.
• An exciting new material for architects, engineers, designers, builders, manufacturers & makers.
• Offers a sustainable solution for farmers, growers, waste managers, paper mills etc.
• Will revive declining industries (eg paper mills), offer mass employment, generate new economies.
Will help make the world a better place!

What Superego is most interested in, of course, is the hemp aspect of Zeoform. We believe hemp is the future and can be a big substitute for fuel, textiles, plastics, building materials and more!! Hopefully Zeoform continues to press forward and push their mission of sustainability.  If you want to learn more about them, check out their website here and also watch the video below!