January 03, 2020

Is the 'Foldable' Cup the Cup of the Future?

 foldable cup


 There have been a lot of changes in the world of single-use plastics and restaurant packaging.  For instance, New York banned foam containers, many places don't provide straws unless you ask for them, and companies such as McDonalds and Starbucks have started to change to more environmentally friendly packaging.  One thing in particular that has been scrutinized are plastic cups and plastic lids.  These are single used items that cause plastic pollution and take years and years to biodegrade.  Unocup is one company that came up with a genius idea to create a paper coffee cup that folds on the top.  Their recent Kickstarter campaign was fully funded and was featured on a bunch of media outlets. The foldable cups could eliminate the need for lids at many coffee shops and restaurants around the world if they chose to adopt it.  The foldable cups look almost like the to-go containers that are usually found at Chinese restaurants.  This simple design is a simple solution to a big problem.  Time will tell if the foldable cup will catch on. Let us know your thoughts and if you've seen some other interesting eco-friendly cup designs!