June 05, 2018

Is the Drake & Pusha T Beef Over Already?

 j prince drake pusha t


 The talk of the past week in the hip-hop community has been about if and when Drake will respond to Pusha T's latest diss towards him entitled "The Story of Adidon".  The whole beef kicked off when Pusha T threw some shots at Drake on his latest album on a song called "Infrared".  Drake wasted no time and put out a diss called "Duppy" which left Pusha against the ropes.  It seemed almost as if there was no coming back from that blow, but Pusha did and with great force.  His diss back to Drake went deeper than rap, exposing that Drake had a hidden child, attacking his family and even Drake's sick producer OVO40.  

With attacks that low, it seemed almost like a no brainer that Drake would respond even more fierce in return. So we waited... and waited... and no response.  Then J Prince, a hip hop mogul, OG, and Drake's big homie, came out and addressed the situation.  Apparently, he told Drake to not release another diss towards Pusha T as it would be stooping to his level as Pusha T crossed too many lines.  In fact, J Prince says Drake already had a diss recorded but gave his word not to release it.  Check out J Prince speaking on the issue below.



 So for now, it seems we won't be hearing any response from Drake, unless he goes back on his word or the diss track leaks.  Stay tuned for updates on this major hip-hop beef.