August 21, 2016

Is the Art of Rap Dead?



 Over the years, the genre of Hip-Hop has changed drastically.  While there are still some very talented artists that spend time on perfecting lyrics, a new generation of younger artists have abandoned lyrics and took a more vibed/turnt approach to Hip-Hop.  The main question is: Should a new genre of rap music be created?

The new Netflix show "The Get Down" explores the origin of Hip-hop and it's culture, but many artists now a days aren't educated in the history of rap music.  This brings up another question; Is the art of hip-hop being disrespected?  If young artists are calling themselves rappers but not actually "rapping", what does that say about the artists that spend hours on honing their lyrical craft?  These are all questions that could have many different open-ended questions, and TeamBackPack on Youtube tries to answer some of them.  Check out their latest episode below and let us know what you think!