December 05, 2018

Is 'Superpedestrian' the Electric Scooter of the Future

 electrics scooter


 If you live in a major city, it is likely that you have seen scooter or bike sharing systems.  More recently, the growth of electric scooter sharing systems seems to be increasing at an extremely fast rate.  Bird and Lime are two major electric scooter companies that are frequently seen around.  There may be some new competition hitting the streets soon though.  "Superpedestrian" has developed a scooter that solves many of the issues that Lime and Bird deal with.  The battery on the Superpedestrian e-scooter boasts a lot of features such as extended battery life, a sturdier design, and a bunch of self-sustaining capabilities.  Check out the video below to see the scooter in action. Will Superpedestrian be the future of scooter sharing? Time will tell.