September 06, 2016

Is Lil Wayne Really Retiring?


 It's the question Weezy fans have been asking all week, "Is Lil Wayne really retiring?"  Well, Tunechi announced his leave from the rap game via twitter on Saturday, sounding real fed up. 

If you haven't been in the loop, Weezy and Cash Money (Birdman) have been beefin for the past year over label drama.  The specifics aren't 100% clear, but since then Young Thug, who is extremely close to Birdman, released Barter 6 (an obvious knock off of Lil Waynes Album series).  Although the tension has been high between both sides, Young Thug recently tweeted to support Wayne. 

There hasn't been much talk from Wayne since his announcement, so it's up in the air whether this was just a frustrated and emotional tweet, or an actual announcement.  I'm sure all of the Weezy fans are praying for at least one more Lil Wayne album.  Is there Tha Last Carter in the making? Time will tell.