November 18, 2019

Inside The 'Sustainable City' in Dubai

 sustainable city


  You may have heard about "The Sustainable City" in Dubai, which was established in 2015. The $350 million dollar city is literally called The Sustainable City and definitely lives up to its name as it is on a journey to become 100 percent sustainable.  The city is home to around 2,700 residents who occupy 500 villas.  The entire city is solar-powered, and get this, there are no cars!  Everyone takes electric scooters or they simply walk to get around. In addition to the homes covered in solar power panels, the city houses 11 biodomes at its center that are essentially urban farms. These biodomes can grow up to 38 different crops! In addition, there is waste water recycling with segregated drainage for greywater and blackwater using papyrus as a filter.  Of course, there are other amenities such as a shopping plaza, mosque, and innovation center. This self-sustaining community is a small but good model of how future communities could look; communities that don't do more damage to our environment than what has already been done.  Watch the video below to see some aerial footage of The Sustainable City.