July 02, 2019

Inside the First Ever Self-Driving Race Cars

 roborace 2019


 By this time, we've all been made aware of self-driving technology and have even been led to believe that it is the future of transportation.  This may be true; as technology gets more advanced and reliable, self-driving vehicles may become the norm.  What many people haven't heard of are the other ways self-driving technology is being used... such as racing. Self-driving race cars have not only been created, but there is already a racing series called  "Robo-race" that has all electric and autonomous vehicles racing against each other.  In this race, however, the programmers are the real stars as opposed to race car drivers. Robo-race has also been experimenting with human drivers vs self-driving cars, a dynamic that is particularly interesting considering the human vs machine debate. (It's definitely a race that would be exciting to watch)  Check out the video below to learn more about Robo-race and to see these autonomous race cars in action!