February 07, 2017

'Incept' Yourself: How to Lucid Dream


 Sleep is a basic component of human life. It is said that people on average sleep about 26 years which is roughly 33% of our lives. While we sleep, we dream. Some studies say that dreaming is a by product of biological processes that our brain performs at night. Other studies say that dreaming serves as a way of processing difficult or complex thoughts, is a response to the various synapses/electrical charges that occur in the brain during sleep, or is a way for the mind to prepare for the future, among other theories. Many are fans of the movie Inception, as it shows the wild world of dream manipulation. But what most do not know, is that you can “incept” yourself, through a practice known as lucid dreaming.

The idea of lucid dreaming has been around since the early 1960's and with the popularity of the movie Inception, it has resurfaced. Lucid dreaming is active dreaming, in which the dreamer knows they are in a dream state. The realization allows the dreamer to control the dream, allowing literally anything imaginable to happen. Beginners try to jump right to controlling their dreams which generally makes them wake up out of sheer excitement. Lucid dreaming is a skill that must be practiced throughout the dreamscape that we wander in our sleep.

The beginning steps of mastering lucid dreaming begin when we are awake. In dreams, certain details will not be consistent. One example of inconsistency, will be the rate that time moves, so throughout the day double check the time. Another detail to double check in our waking lives is the amount of fingers you have. Dreams access different parts of our brain and because of this, details are not always consistent. Due to the different parts of our brain being used for dreaming, we also cannot read in our dreams. An important step to start lucid dreaming, is telling yourself that you will lucid dream as you are waiting to fall asleep. This helps you be more aware when you are dreaming.

Lucid dreaming has many benefits. You can face your fears, ask your boss for that raise, and do other things that in the awake world you are not capable of. Additionally, you can use the control of your dreams to simply relax. Taking a mini vacation every night can cut down on the stress that we experience everyday due to the hustle and bustle of life. You do anything in your wildest dreams with lucid dreaming. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams every night and learn to lucid dream.

-'Til next type – M

Written by Michael Dour