March 28, 2018

How to Benefit the Planet and Your Health at the Same Time

How to Benefit the Planet and Your Health at the Same Time

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So after a few fun posts, I want to get back on track with the Go Green Challenge!  I was inspired to write this after recently making a change in my diet and becoming a pescatarian (I don’t eat meat, but I eat fish).  After some encouragement from my sister, who became vegan this year, I started becoming more aware of my personal choices and how they effect the environment.  I realized I can no longer support the meat industry for moral and environmental reasons and I encourage you each to do your own research about the subject.

I have been a vegetarian a number of times throughout my life, but always went back to eating meat for different reasons, but mainly because I wasn’t eating a balanced diet.  I think I have found a good compromise for myself right now, and I hope that this post gives you an opportunity to examine your own eating habits.

Think about all of the leafy greens you can add to your diet, like kale!

Reduce Animal Products


  • Environmental benefits
  • Health benefits
  • Saves you money!


  • Cut down to a level YOU are comfortable with.  I don’t want to preach to anyone here.  If this means cutting out meat one day a week, then that is a great step! My husband, who is a meat lover, just pledged to do Meatless Mondays, and I am so proud of him! The idea is to be aware of the results of your consumption and how it affects the environment and your body.
  • Here is a list of non-animal sources of protein

Tweet: Some great non-animal sources of protein include: avocados, chickpeas, leafy greens, quinoa, nuts, and beans!

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  • Here’s a study  as to why reducing animal products is better for our diet and for the environment
  • Here’s an article about it
  • For ideas on vegan cooking, I use Pinterest and the rest of the internet!  Just make sure that in attempt to replace meat, you don’t buy processed vegetarian/vegan products.  It’s best to read the ingredients of what you’re buying.

Let me know in the comments what vegetarian or vegan food you love to cook, I could always use more ideas!

Bon appetit!

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