June 26, 2017

Hershey's Sustainable Approach of Switching to Retail-Ready Cases


 Hershey's is an enormous candy company that ships to retail stores all over the world.  One of their biggest impacts on the planet is their packaging and how it effects not only the environment but retail employees.  In 2016, Hershey's tested out their new Retail-Ready cases in Walmart. They found that they were able to use 3.12 million fewer pounds of currogate which is equivalent to: 24,000 trees saved, 148 trucks taken off the road for one year, and a 1,340 metric ton reduction in CO2. The retail-ready packaging is made of currogated cardboard that is 100% recycled. It is a one piece design, that has an easy to open non-perforated front window.  This allows employees to not only save time opening the packaging but also makes it safer, as no knives are needed to open the packaging.  They plan to convert fully to this new packaging by 2017.  It's good to see that a major company like Hershey's is thinking about sustainability all around.  Imagine if all the major companies were actively thinking like this! Check out the packaging below!

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