June 11, 2018

Here's why 5G is the Future

 5g technology


 We live in the age of fast.  Whether its food, transportation, or internet, everybody wants everything as quickly as possible.  In terms of wireless connectivity, 4G and 4G LTE is currently the fastest technology, but once 5G is rolled out it will essentially be around 10 times as fast as 4G.  Not only will 5G speed up internet loading times and file downloading times, it will allow smart devices of all kinds in your house and even out in the world connect seamlessly. The only drawback is that 5G signals don't reach as far, despite the signals being so powerful.  Making it work will require countless mini cell-phone towers scattered everywhere and could cost up to 300 billion dollars.  Check out the video by CNNMoney below to learn more about the future of 5G.