February 02, 2017

Hemp-Seed Beer is Coming to Denver



 "Hemp-seed beer" is a term you don't see often, mostly because there are not many hemp beers on the market.  However, for those who are fans of hemp and all of its benefits, you may soon be able to enjoy a nice cold brew infused with hemp.  Hemp supplier "Major Hemp" and "Sleeping Giant Brewing" have collaborated to make this hemp-seed beer come to life.  They plan to roll out the beer in the denver area at first, but if the reaction is good they may bring it to other states and even put it in cans.  The beer is called "

Major Hemp Brown Ale" and is made with a 

water-soluble hemp powder. Each beer will contain about 100 mg of hemp.  Do you think hemp beer could be a huge hit?  Let us know by commenting or hitting us up on social media!