June 04, 2019

[Hemp History Week Feature] WAMA Hemp Underwear

 hemp underwear


 If you've followed us over the years you know we are huge supporters of hemp and that we've advocated for the many benefits of the plant.  On this second day of Hemp History Week, we are featuring another hemp brand that recognizes the many benefits of using hemp as a fabric.  Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, super-soft, and breathable. WAMA uses a hemp and cotton blend to create their underwear which includes boxer briefs, trunks, bikinis, and hipsters.

The company strives towards sustainability and even includes stats about their impact on their website.  At the time of this post, they have saved 309,565 days of drinking water and have also saved 325,174 hours of LED Bulb Energy!  For years, we have polluted the Earth in countless ways.  It is so essential that we are eco-conscious in our actions as consumers and producers.

WAMA underwear uses natural fibers that eventually biodegrade.  This is important because synthetic fibers have been polluting our oceans and are being ingested by sea animals and in turn by us.  We need more brands to start using natural alternatives such as hemp when creating apparel. Make sure to check out WAMA Underwear's website HERE and continue to support hemp brands, because hemp truly is the future!  To learn more about the history and benefits of hemp check out our About Hemp page.