June 05, 2019

[Hemp History Week Feature] Hemp Blue Denim

 hemp blue denim


 Today is the third day of Hemp History Week, and we are featuring another hemp apparel brand.  More and more people are starting to wake up to the benefits of hemp as clothing and are finding innovative ways to use it.  Hemp Blue is a hemp apparel brand that creates denim products from hemp.  Robin Lane, the founder of Hemp Blue says, "Hemp Blue brings my hippie dreams full circle. To me, Hemp Blue stands for what we, the counter culture of the 60’s, were fighting for. As much as we were standing up against the Vietnam War, we were also standing up against the war on Mother Earth. Bringing a valuable plant like hemp back to our culture can play a big role in protecting and healing the earth. I intend to do all I can, to continue to fight the good fight, hence the birth of Hemp Blue.”

Hemp Blue takes pride in being a sustainable, high-quality, and socially conscious brand, all values that we here at Superego share.  Hemp Blue has an assortment of hemp denim products including jean pants for men and women as well as denim tops and jackets.  Hemp Blue sources their hemp from Italy, Japan, and Thailand but their goal is to create collections exclusively from American grown hemp as it becomes more readily available.  Hemp fabric is softer, stronger, and more durable than cotton which makes it great for creating denim pieces.  Make sure to check out Hemp Blue Denim's site HERE to learn more and stay tuned for the rest of the week to see what other brands we will feature for Hemp History Week!