June 04, 2018

Hemp History Week 2018

 deep roots hemp history 2018


 It's Hemp History Week!  What does that mean? It's not simply a week where we celebrate hemp (although that is a part of it). Hemp History Week is a week where grassroots organizers, leading hemp product manufacturers, farmers, and advocates from all walks of life work to change federal policy on industrial hemp in the United States.  This year is the 9th annual Hemp History Week and is only growing stronger.  We are a hemp-based lifestyle brand, so this week we are making sure to work even harder to help spread awareness of hemp and we hope you will join us in doing so! We recognize that the many benefits of hemp extend way further than just apparel. Make sure to head over to the Hemp History Week Website and follow us on all of our social media channels to learn more about hemp and how you can help!

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