April 24, 2018

Hemp Farming Act of 2018

hemp farming act of 2018


 As you may have heard—or read, on April 12, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, introduced the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, a new bipartisan bill that seeks to exclude industrial hemp from the Controlled Substance Act’s definition of marijuana. The bill, supported by an encouraging bipartisan effort, will expand the rights for the growth of hemp from research done by state departments and higher education institutions, to struggling farmers. As we know, processes like these can take time to become adopted into our political system and culture. The fight for hemp is far from over, however, we can at least be glad that it has begun. 

Hemp is too valuable to continue to be ignored, and furthermore, to be accepted as an illegal substance. With the states acting as the primary regulators of hemp, researchers and farmers of hemp will be able to grow their businesses with proper governmental and financial support. The plant offers many health benefits, strong fibers for a wide range of materials, and a sustainable means of production, all of which will permit and inspire farmers to begin cultivating hemp. Hemp is now being officially recognized for what it is, an agricultural product, and a valuable resource.