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Hemp Batteries are More Powerful than Lithium and Graphene

03 Oct, 2019

Hemp Batteries are More Powerful than Lithium and Graphene

 hemp batteries


 If you've followed our brand and movement over the years it is no secret that we have advocated for hemp as an alternative for many products.  Hemp has countless uses such as food, shelter, clothing, and even energy.  A recent study even suggests that hemp batteries could be more powerful than lithium and graphene.  An experiment, conducted by Robert Murray Smith, was discussed on his youtube channel. He compared a Volts by Amps curve for both hemp and lithium batteries.  What he saw was that the power underneath the hemp cell was a value of 31, while the power underneath the lithium cell was a value of only 4. Smith says that the findings of this experiment show that the performance of the hemp cell is "significantly better" than the lithium cell.  Along with this study, back in 2014, researchers found that waste fibers from hemp can be made into "ultrafast" super capacitors that are better than graphene. 

These two findings coupled together are good examples of how valuable hemp can be as a sustainable source of energy.  Hemp is a natural crop that rejuvenates the soil and can be grown in many different climates.  We hope that more people begin to see the usefulness of hemp in many different scenarios.


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