January 16, 2018

Have You Found Your Doppelganger on the Google Arts & Culture App Yet?


 Google just launched their Arts & Culture App not too long ago for Android and Apple.  The app topped the charts and went viral and it's no surprise that it did.  The Google Arts & Culture App is digitally expansive, letting users explore artwork virtually, get stories behind famous pieces, and even see which museums and art exhibits are nearby their location.  The real reason why the app has been going viral, however, is because of a nifty feature on the app that allows users to see if their portrait is being exhibited anywhere.  This feature was met by thousands of users taking selfies and seeing the portrait that most closely matches their face.  Since then, users have been flooding social media with their findings; some with very familiar looking portraits. Check out some examples below and be sure to download the app to have your own fun!