March 22, 2018

Google's 'Just a Line' Augmented Reality App

just a line app download


 Augmented Reality is a technology that shows computer-generated images over a real-life view. It seems as if lately Augmented Reality technology is being used more and more frequently.  The first big App to utilize the technology on a large scale was Pokemon Go, which allows users to travel around catching pokemon on the streets.  Snapchat has many AR features, the latest is the ability to put a digital bitmoji version of yourself on camera and have it dance.  Now, Google has released a new AR app called "Just A Line".  The app allows users to draw simple lines on their screen and have them appear in real life through the phone.  You can then take pictures and videos of the lines you have drawn; a pretty simple but cool concept!  As of now, it seems as if the app is only available on the Google play store, but maybe this will change in the future.  Check out the video below to see the app in action.