April 20, 2017

Get Entrepreneur Tips From Superego's CEO


 It's 4/20, and while all of our fellow cannabis friendly people are celebrating the holiday we want to give you some insight on entrepreneurship and our hemp brand.  Timothy D. Craggette was nice enough to host our CEO, Tommie Lark, on his show "The Swift Kick Show" to learn the story of Superego.  

The business of tee shirts is booming! Everyone can get started on this model but just like every business model on the planet, you need to have a unique hook to attract the buyers you need and want. If you want to learn how Superego has grown, from a college dorm room to a global brand, check out the latest episode of 'The Swift Kick Show' airing at 9:30 AM est ! Listen HERE ! Happy 4/20 and don't forget to check out our new hemp shirts for pre-order on Our Shop!