June 30, 2017

G Active: Bringing Water Droplets to Life



 3D printing has become more and more popular over the past decade.  What hasn't been seen however, until now, is 3D water printing. In hopes of promoting "G Active", a special water infused with electrolytes, Gatorade wanted to represent water droplets as moving bodies.  This was no easy feat.  They first had to design a machine that could drop water droplets at the exact moment they needed to be dropped in order to mimic a 3D image.  Then they needed a camera to flash at the exact moment that the 3D image was represented. In addition, they needed to record actual human movements to make sure that the final animation looked as realistic as possible.  It was a very complicated process, but the end result is stunning.  It makes you wonder, what other sort of creative 3D animations can be done in the future. Check out the "making of" video, as well as the final ad below!