March 27, 2017

Fixing Potholes with Recycled Plastic Waste



 Potholes are a problem that we all hate. Plastic waste is an even bigger problem.  What if there was a way to combat both of these issues at the same time?  Well one startup, MacRebur, believes there is.  They have one invention that they claim can solve three world challenges "Use up millions of tons of waste plastic that sit in our landfill sites. Reduce the millions spent on new roads, maintenance, and pothole repair. Make our roads stronger and longer lasting"

How exactly are they doing this? By taking plastic waste, turning it into pellets, and then mixing it into the making of an enhanced asphalt road.  Their product MR6 is a high performance asphalt binder additive that could strengthen and increase the life-span of roads, in turn greatly reducing maintenance costs. It's amazing how MacRebur is solving an everyday issue in a sustainable way.  It's ideas like these that will help to make our world cleaner and more sustainable.  Check out their origin story below!