October 05, 2017

'Feed Your Mind' Tee Appears on Young Thug's Instagram Story



 If you have heard the saying “Feed Your Mind”, it goes much deeper than what’s on the surface. The mind is a complex organ; which begs the question... what should we feed our mind? First, We must realize that our brain can grow, not in the physical sense but it can expand and open depending on what you feed it.  Just as our bodies need the proper nutrition to grow, let us feed our brain wisdom, knowledge, and positivity so we can adapt and grow in this ever-evolving world.

Recently, the Feed Your Mind shirt was featured on Young Thug’s Instagram story. Future's brother Casino is wearing the shirt. Hemp clothing is the future, we hope that more artists in the future realize that hemp apparel is the way to go. #StayCFADC and #StaySustained! 

The shirt is a super soft and comfortable blend of 60% Hemp and 40% Organic cotton.  Click the link below if you are interested in purchasing the shirt!

Feed Your Mind Hemp T-Shirt