August 05, 2019

FDA Approves Impossible Burger for Grocery Stores

 impossible burger grocery stores


 The Impossible Burger has been making a lot of noise across the country as it has been popping up on restaurant and fast food menus everywhere.  The burger, which is completely plant-based, has gained popularity for its meaty flavor and for being almost indistinguishable from a regular beef burger. What makes the Impossible Burger taste so close to real meat is a soy substance in the burger called Heme.  The scientists behind the burger were able to mimic animal heme so closely that it is almost indistinguishable.  The FDA originally thought Heme was an Allergan but just cleared it as safe for sale.  Starting September 4th, the Impossible Burgers are approved for sale at grocery stores across the country; so keep an eye out and if you haven't tried one yet give it a chance!