January 17, 2019

Every Single Time Kobe Bryant Played Michael Jordan

 michael jordan kobe bryant all star game


 The Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant argument usually ends with people holding MJ above Kobe, but the comparison of both players games is a good one to look at.  Michael Jordan has 6 championship rings, Kobe has 5.  They both won all their rings on ONE TEAM (a feat that is rare now).  They both were dominant offensively and defensively. They both were clutch players and extremely athletic.  Still, Michael Jordan seems to always have the edge over Kobe.  Well, what about when they faced off head to head while they were both in the NBA?  Who scored more points? Which team won? Well, Kobe and Jordan only played against each other 11 times in the NBA and the results are very interesting.  Watch the extensive video below by JxmyHighroller on Youtube to see who had the edge over who when they went face to face in the NBA!