January 13, 2017

Etch Clock: Engraving Time


 The idea of a clock that can engrave the time before your eyes seems almost out of this world, but this concept is very real. Etch Clock is a unique clock with a special elastic membrane that allows the time to be engraved digitally in real-time.  Pretty awesome huh?  The people at Etch Clock don't give much explanation of how it works but you can read their philosophy below:

Time is an important aspect of our life. Time is running too fast and we underestimate the important moments. We would like to add a bit of magic to your important personal moments. ETCH is even giving a physical presence to time with the 3D numbers engraved in its membrane.
Moments are very unique, time can be expressed in mere numbers but actually it is much more! ETCH gives to time more importance.
Some events are happening only once and then are gone for ever... ETCH tries to mimic this reality with the vanishing effect of its display.
Check out the short video below to see this mysterious clock in action.